Sam Skelton: Christmas Sax
Sam Skelton Quintet: Live In The Studio
Elton John: Goin' Home, A Tribute to Fats Domino
Matchbox 20: Mad Season
Edwin McCain: Messenger
Train: For Me, It's You
The Ohio Players: Ol' School
The Gap Band: Live and Well
Howard Tate: Rediscovered
Babbie Mason: Timeless
Babbie Mason: No Better Place
Francine Reed: I Got a Right!...To Some of My Best
Decemberadio: Satisfied
Decemberadio: Decemberadio
Jennifer Holliday: Goodness and Mercy
Trey Wright: Songs From Oak Avenue
Trey Wright: Begin Again
Randy Hoexter: Radiant
Randy Hoexter Group: Fromage
Lee Johnson/London Symphony: Seaside Symphony/Ora Pro Mi
Lee Johnson: Sand Floor Cathedral
Lee Johnson: The Colors Of A Soul/Seasons
Tyrone Jackson: Another Voyage
Tyrone Jackson: From the Mind Of
Gordon Vernick: The Strangest Thing
Gordon Vernick: Destination
J Mood: A Midnight Clear
J Mood: No Small Thing
Madoca: Illusion of Love
James Patrick Morgan: James Patrick Morgan
Geoff McBride: Journey to the Soul
Brian Hudson: Next Level
Shirley Erena Murray: Life is Changed, Not Ended
John Angotti: Testify
EC3/Niki Haris: Time and Rhyme
EC3/Sol: Upfront
EC3/MiChelle: Love Dance
EC3/Kymberli: I’ve Been Here All the Time
Adam Nitti: Evidence
Adam Nitti: Balance
Adam Nitti: Liquid Blue
Rhythm Jets: Velocity
Rhythm Jets: A Rhythm Jets Christmas
Pete Droge: Find a Door 
Joe Gransden: I'll Be Home for Christmas
Joe Gransden: It’s a Beautiful Thing, Live at Café 290
Joe Gransden: Go Getta
Joe Gransden: The Christmas Song
Tempest Little Big Band: Round Midnight
Mind & Soul: Life 
Trammell Starks: The Music of Norah Jones
Lee Venters: Vermillion Sands
Lisa McClendon: Soul Music
Aquarium Rescue Unit: The Calling
Various Artists: White Christmas
Various Artists Merry Little Christmas: Cocktail Carols
Various Artists: Simplicity Series Vol: 4,5,7,8,10 & 12
Various Artists: The Music of Peter Gabriel
Various Artists: Bass Talk, Vol. 6
Various Artists: Music of Las Vegas
Various Artists: Simplicity Praise, Vol. 4: Saxophone
Various Artists: Obsession: Music for Romance
Various Artists: Passion, Vol. 2
Various Artists: Simplicity: Christmas Saxophone
Various Artists: Romance & Roses, Vol. 2 (Box)
Evening Star Orchestra: Sting, The Ultimate Tribute
Voice of Atlanta: Are You Listening
Taliesin Orchestra: Thread of Time, The Music of Enya
Taliesin Orchestra: Rock Rhapsody
Mark Cook: Promise Highway
Mark Cook: Blue Voodoo
The JTG Implosion: All the People Some of the Time 
Bill Hart: Watch the Sky
Bill Hart: This is Why
Cooper Tisdale: Up from Down
Jon Nickell: Don't Say I Didn't Tell You
Billy Gewin: Hodges Shan't Be Shot
The Rat Pack: Rat Pack Christmas
Lounge Noir: Best of the Rat Pack
Jack Logan: Buzz Me In
The Tamesis Orchestra: This Christmas
Bob Messano: Dominion Roads
Tom Grose: Unannounced & Uninvited
American Film Orchestra: Lost World & Other Movie Hits
TM Mass Youth Choir: He's Been Good
Spectrum: Tribute to Sting
Spectrum: Sexual Healing
Spectrum: Music of Linda Ronstadt
Belloluna: Pleasant Music for Nice People
Grady Cousins: Test Market #1
Carol Albert: Tides of Change
Carol Albert: Fly Away, Butterfly
Mechanical Butterfly: Volume 2
Dick's Hat Band: Got The Whole Town Talkin'
Jake Hess: Leanin'
Rebecca Windham: To A Warmer Heart
North Highland Assy of God: Night of Joy
John Marsh: 13
Dan Random: Just As Real
Jez Graham: Restrooms Vol 1, 2 & 3
Kip Dockery: I Got Rhythm
Beverly: En La Esquina
Mark Brague: Overwhelm Me
Taj Artis: Take The Time
Paul Sforza: Lifelines
Craig Bromley: Dream Out Loud
Loving Mad: Life In The Fire
Several Dudes: Duderonomy
Don Discenza: Free
Sean Ramuno: Second Chance
Scooter Lee: High Test Love
Scooter Lee: I’m Gonna Love You Forever
Eric Bennett: Scratching The Surface
Huston Singletary: Wanderlust
Lance Palmer: Bring Back Your Glory
Charles Billingsley: Between The Now And Then
Church Of The Apostles: Apostles Praise Vol: 1,2 &3
Church Of The Apostles: Christmas Eve At Apostles
Andrew Fazackerley: The True Spirit Of Christmas
Marty Beech: Summer Wind
Tom Woods: Just In Time
Chateau Debris: Venus Has Seen Us
Anthony Papamichael: UnExpect It
Anthony Papamichael: Mass Appeal
Anthony Papamichael: Awaken
Shawn Cushen: Half A World Away
Henry Parilla: Widespread Hispanic
Stephanie Pritchett: Amazing Love, Amazing Grace
Legacy Of Faith: All That I Am
Mark Caughlin: Right Now
The Neons: Personality
Jeff Wood: Jeff Wood Project
Steve Cunningham: Dubious Tones
Steve Cunningham: Slide
Jack Turner: Island Man
Tony Winston: Mondo Swing
Joe Campisi: Premonition